The Templemore Band

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Safe Guarding Trust Policy Statement


 We at “The Templemore Band” are committed to good practice which protects children from harm. All Band members accept and recognise their responsibility to provide an environment which promotes the safety of the child at all times. To achieve this we will:


  • Develop an awareness of the issues which may lead to children being harmed.
  • Create an open environment by identifying a ‘Designated person’ to whom the children can turn to if they need to talk.
  • Adopt child centred and democratic teaching and coaching styles.
  • Adopt Safeguarding guidelines through codes of conduct for all Band members.
  • Ensure complaints, grievance and disciplinary procedures are included in our constitution.
  • Share information about concerns with children and parents and others who need to know.
  • Provide information as required to the Band Management committee.
  • Ensure good and safe working/playing practices
  • Keep Safeguarding policies under regular review (every 2 years minimum).


Secretary,The Templemore Band



(Welfare Officer)                                                                     

The Children (Northern Ireland) Order (1995) is based on a clear and consistent set of principles designed with the common aim of promoting the welfare of children.

Children have the right to be safe.  All Band Members should ensure that this fundamental principle takes precedence over all other considerations.

This policy applies to all those involved in “THE TEMPLEMORE BAND”.