The Templemore Band

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Date                                     Venue                                                              Time


Sun 29th May 2016             Belfast Waterworks                                                  3.00-4.00pm

Sat 4th June 2016               Belmont Garden Fete                                              1.30-3.30pm

Sun 3rd July 2016               V36 at the Valley                                                      3.00-4.00pm

Sun 17th July 2016             Antrim Castle Gardens                                           3.00-4.00pm

Mon 18th July 2016             Lady Dixon Park Rose Week                                 7.30-8.30pm

Sun 31st July 2016             Moat Park Dundonald                                             3.00-4.00pm

Sun 21st Aug 2016             Wallace Park Lisburn                                              3.00-4.00pm

Sun 28th Aug 2016             Lady Dixon Park                                                      2.00-3.00pm

Sat 19th Nov 2016              St Molua's Stormont Christmas Lights                    5.30-6.30pm 

Fri 2nd Dec 2016                 Folk and Transport Museum                                  6.00-8.45pm

Fri 9th Dec 2016                  Folk and Transport Museum                                  7.15-8.45pm

Sun 11th Dec 2016             Folk and Transport Museum                                  12.00-2.00pm

Fri 16th Dec 2016                Folk and Transport Museum                                  7.15-8.45pm



Mon 27th April 15                AGM                                                                           6.30pm

Thurs 21st May 15               Templemore School                                                 12.00-1.00pm

Sun 24th May 15                 Belfast Waterworks                                                  3.00-4.00pm

Sat 13th Jun 15                    Belmont Church Garden Fete                                 2.00-4.00pm

Sun 5th July 15                    Lady Dixon Park                                                       3.00-4.00pm

Thurs 9th July 15                Hazelbank Park                                                         7.45-8.45pm

Sat 18th July   15                 Lady Dixon Park                                                       1.30-2.30pm

Sun 9th August 15              Antrim Castle Gardens                                             2.00-3.00pm 

Sat 21st Nov 15                    St Molua's Christmas Fair                                      5.00-6.00pm

Fri 4th Dec15                        Christmas at the Folk Museum                               6.00-8.45pm               

Sun 6th Dec 15                    NI Hospice Carol Service St Anne's                       3.00-4.00pm

Fri 11th Dec 15                     Christmas at the Folk Museum                               7.15-8.45pm

Sun 13th Dec 15                  Spirit of Christmas at the Folk Museum                 12.00-2.00pm

Fri18th Dec15                       Christmas at the Folk Museum                               7.15-8.45pm



Fri 19th Dec 2014                Christmas Evening at Ballycultra                         7.45-8.45pm

Sun 14th Dec 2014             The Spirit of Christmas Past                                  12.00-2.00pm

Folk & Transport Museum

Fri 12th Dec 2014               Christmas Evening at Ballycultra                          7.45-8.45pm   

Sun7th Dec 2014                NI Hospice Carol Service                                       3.30-4.30pm 

                                            St Peters Cathedral

Fri 5th Dec 2014                 Christmas Evening at Ballycultra                           7.15-8.45pm  

Sun 23rd Nov 2014            Gilnahirk Presbyterian                                             7.00-8.00pm

Sat 15th Nov 2014             Art & Craft Fair Project 24                                         2.00-3.45pm      

                                           Queens Parade Bangor

Sun 31st Aug 2014             Antrim Loughshore                                                  3.00-4.00pm 

Wed 6th Aug 2014             Jordanstown Loughshore                                       7.45-8.45pm

Sun 3rd Aug 2014              Ward Park Bangor                                                    3.00-5.00pm

Sun 27th Jul 2014              Comber Square                                                        3.00-4.00pm

Mon21st Jul2014                Rose Week at Lady Dixon Pk                                 7.30-8.30pm

Sun 6th Jul 2014                Belfast Waterworks                                                   3.00-4.00pm

Sat 21st Jun 2014              Folk & Transport                                                        2.30-3.30pm

Sat 7th Jun 2014                Belmont Church Garden Fete                                2.00-4.00pm 

Sun 25th May 2014            Botanic Gardens                                                       2.00-3.00pm

Sat 24th May 2014             Cooke Centenary Garden Fete                              10.30-11.30am

Sat 3rd May 2014               Wedding St Patrick's Belfast

Thurs 13th Feb 2014          Official opening Templemore Ave                         12.00pm

                                            Community Centre

Thurs 9th Jan 2014             Stargazing Live TV                                                   6.30pm

                                            Folk & Transport Museum



Sat 21st Dec 2013              NDBC Danske Bank                                                2.00-3.30pm

Thurs 19th Dec 2013           Anadale Private Nursing Home                           2.30-3.30pm 

Friday 13th Dec 2013         Spirit of Christmas Folk Museum              7.15-8.45pm

Thurs 12th Dec 2013          Spirit of Christmas Folk Museum                          7.15-8.45pm     

Tues 10th Dec 2013           Spirit of Christmas Folk Museum                          7.15-8.45pm  

Sun 8th Dec 2013               Spirit of Christmas Folk Museum              12.00-2.00pm

Thurs 5th Dec 2013            Park Avenue Hotel Christmas Party                     2.30-3.30pm

Sat 23rd Nov 2013              Hillside Gdn Ctr Arrival of Santa                12.00-1.00pm

Thurs 7th Nov 2013            Templemore Charity dinner                         6.45-7.45pm

                                            Titanic Centre

Wed 9th Oct 2013               Anadale Nursing Home                                2.15-3.00pm

Sun 25th Aug 2013             Conway Square Newtownards                             3.00-4.00pm

Sun 11th Aug 2013             Jordanstown Loughshore Park                            3.00-4.00pm

Sun 28th July 2013             Antrim                                                            3.00-4.00pm

Sun 21st Jul 2013               Donaghadee Sea Front                             3.00-4.00pm

Fri 19th Jul 2013                 Lady Dixon Park Rose Week                    7.30-8.30pm    

Sun 7th Jul 2013                 Ormeau Park                                                3.00-4.00pm

Sat 1st Jun 2013                 Belmont Garden Party                                 2.00-4.00pm

Sun 26th May 2013             Lady Dixon Park                                          3.00-4.00pm

Sat 18th May 2013              Cooke Memorial Garden Fete                    11.00-12.00pm



Sun 16th Dec 2012             Carol Service Portaferry                             4.30pm

Fri 7th Dec 2012                 Templemore Concert                                    7.30-9.00pm

Sun 2nd Dec 2012              St Pauls Lisburn Praise Service                           6.30-7.30pm

Sun 25th Nov 2012             Gilnahirk Church Service                                      7.30-8.30pm  

Sat 1st Sept 2012               Ormeau Park                                                  2.00-3.00pm

Sun 26th Aug 2012             Groomsport Seafront                                   2.00-4.00pm

Sun 19th Aug 2012             Antrim Loughshore                                    3.00-4.00pm

Sun 12th Aug 2012             Jordanstown Loughshore                                      3.00-4.00pm

Sun 22nd Jul 2012              Comber Town Square                               3.00-4.00pm

Wed 18th Jul 2012              Lady Dixon Park Rose Week                     7.30-8.30pm

Sun 8th Jul 2012                 Musgrave Park                                             3.00-4.00pm

Sun 1st Jul 2012                 Antrim Loughshore                                      3.00-4.00pm

Sat 16th Jun 2012               Folk & Transport Museum                          12.30-1.30pm

Sat 2nd Jun 2012                Abbeyfields Garden Fete                          2.30-3.30pm     

Sat 17th Mar 2012               Paddys Night                                                            8.00-9.30pm

                                            Stormont Presbyterian Church